Hi all!

I’m back! I have not been able to post for a while since I was taking some courses which required me to take exams twice a week.

Right after the exams, we had to plan our vacation to the middle east and that meant a lot of reading, figuring out logistics and, of course, shopping.

We just got back from a trip to Jordan and Israel. You can get the scoop of our trip on Rahuls blog.

I’ll post more recipe’s this year. For now, I leave you with the simplest recipe I picked up while in the middle east: Shaai (tea).

It’s simple, refreshing and addictive!

  • Get a packet of Lipton Yellow Label tea (tea bags)
  • Seep it in hot water
  • Add some mint/sage/thyme (any one, do not mix)
  • Let the tea and mint seep in the water for a while – depending on how strong you like the tea
  • Add sugar as per taste

Mint Tea

Voila! You got Shaai. This kind of tea is available all over the middle east, from the simplest roadside stalls to the expensive 5 stars! Its made the same everywhere (only the price varies). Enjoy!

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