We visited Jordan and Israel in 2008/2009. Our journey started in Amman, Jordan from where we went to Petra. A highlight was a visit to Petra at night on December 31, 2008 – what a lovely way to start 2009! From Petra, we went to Wadi Rum and finally crossed over into Israel at the Aqaba-Arava border. In Israel, we visited Eilat, Jerusalem, Masada, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Jaffo, Akko and Haifa.

This was our first trip to the middle east and we came back with a lot of learning, a lifetime of memories an an increased appetite for more travel in the region!

Amman, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan and Eilat, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Jaffo, Akko and Haifa (Israel)

Trip photos: Jordan and Israel